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Student group in Puerto Rico

Field trip? Vámonos!

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posted November 7, 2019

San Juan-based Vámonos Tours has teamed up with Discover Puerto Rico in an effort to develop the island into the Caribbean’s top destination for performing groups, according to company owner Jorge Pardo.

The partners held their first high school performance tour festival in Puerto Rico in February, where many U.S. choirs performed in concert halls, cathedrals, main city squares, and theaters around the island.

“Vámonos’ Puerto Rico has become the performance-tour choice for schools in the U.S. wishing to bring their choirs and bands to perform in this friendly U.S. Caribbean destination,” Pardo says. “Who wouldn’t want to perform (here) during the cold winter months? Why not enjoy 24/7 sunny and warm Puerto Rico and embark on a cultural and diverse journey full of new and unique musical and cultural immersion experiences?”

The company’s customized performance tours include airfare, lodging, private transportation, meals, and guides.

“There are private workshops with local music experts, unique performance venues, crowds to mesmerize, and our usual Puerto Rican charm, among other things,” Pardo says.

Performance group in Puerto Rico
Performance group in Puerto Rico

He also noted that Vámonos Tours is one of the few student operators in the world offering educational tours of French Martinique.

“This delightful French island has outstanding sights, remarkable student-friendly hotels, and many cultural immersion opportunities for students,” Pardo says.

Student groups are able to experience the French language and culture by interacting with locals in schools and markets. The island is similar to Puerto Rico with its warm, beautiful beaches, its mix of African and European culture, a historical capital city, and other unique geographical features.

For more information, email Pardo or go to

Top photo: Student group in Yauchromatic street art in Yauco, Puerto Rico
Photos by Vámonos Tours


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