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Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal

Have you trekked out Nepal?

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posted October 7, 2019

Nepal Vision Treks & Expedition Ltd., which was founded in 1992, creates adventure tours in its namesake nation as well as in Tibet and Bhutan.

“Since the beginning, Nepal Vision has focused on promoting Himalayan climbing and trekking through natural landscapes and remote mountain regions,” says Chet Bhatta, the company’s executive director. “Our top Nepal adventure tours include incredible trekking at Everest Base Camp and in the most natural and scenic mountains by Annapurna.”

Those programs require a high level of fitness, especially the ones around Everest, but the Annapurna programs include a wider range of options. Bharra says there are shorter, less-strenuous hikes—such as Ghandruk Trek and Poon Hill Trek—that stay below 10,500 feet, as well as intermediate tours that go to Annapurna Base Camp at over 13,500 feet.

Trek to Annapurna Base Camp
Trekking group at Annapurna Base Camp (Photo by Nepal Vision Treks)

“The landscapes in this region are amazing, and the views of Annapurna Himalayas are spectacular,” he says. “You will see a 360-degree panorama of the central Himalayan range in Nepal.”

The company also is diligent about giving back to the local communities where it takes its travelers.

“Nepal Vision uses local professionals in the regions on every tour, thus creating jobs opportunities for locals,” says Bhatta. “In addition, our partner charity, Pioneer Foundation Nepal, helps with children’s education in poor communities, organizes health projects in remote mountainous areas, and creates volunteer teaching opportunity in the rural schools.”

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Top photo: Annapurna Base Camp
Photo by CC Flickr/Matt Zimmerman: