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Poland Culinary Vacations showcases the best of food and wine on its tours of Poland.

Taking a bite out of Poland

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postedJuly 21, 2019

When Sarna Rose started Poland Culinary Vacations a decade ago, her goal was simple: to showcase the flavors and culture of Poland to travelers. While her food and drink packages do that, she says she’s gained a better appreciation over the years of how they also have a larger purpose.

“I strongly believe that travel helps us better understand and appreciate other people, ultimately leading to a more peaceful world,” Rose says. “Nothing is more intimate, or more effective at breaking down cultural barriers, than cooking and sharing meals together. Even though most of the housewives we cook and bake with don’t speak English well, we still have fun and enjoy each other’s company while learning from each other as we create delicious recipes.”

Hands-on cooking class in Poland
Hands-on cooking class in Poland (Photo by Poland Culinary Vacations)

This year the company will offer 11 food and wine adventures that are designed to highlight local and regional culinary specialties in many areas across the country. Rose says her itineraries often incorporate festivals, which provide another way for her guests to get a feel for local culture.

“There are wonderful food, wine and cheese festivals that are organized only during June, July and August,” she says. “Our Five Days with Polish Wine in Subcarpathia wine tour is offered in August during the region’s International Wine Days Festival. We also offer trips which we schedule around the annual Pierogi Festival in Krakow and around the Polish Pottery Festival in Boleslawiec in the Lower Silesia regions of southwest Poland.”

Reach out to Rose or go to to learn more.

Coming soon: More wine tours

Sarna Rose, president and founder of Poland Culinary Vacations, says her goal for future is more wine (tours, that is).

Amelie Winery in Poland
Amelie Winery in Poland (Photo by Poland Culinary Vacations)

“We are planning on adding Polish wine tours in the coming years to more of the country’s wine regions, because ‘enotourism’ is very popular,” adds Rose. “Plus, in Poland we have such a nice, organic quality of wines to pair with local foods and experiences.”

Rose shares the following thoughts on Poland’s food scene and its people:

“The people of Poland enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, focused on the pleasures of family, friends and fantastic meals, especially in small towns and villages. They take time to socialize with newcomers and are especially welcoming to travelers who truly want to learn about the land and the people they are visiting.”

“Throughout Poland, agritourism is thriving in rural communities where organic and eco-friendly farming and sustainable harvesting are simply a cultural way of life. Rich, unspoiled agrarian lands abundantly yield the fresh ingredients that go into the traditional meals made in Polish homes every day.”

“The Poles are famous for their delicious meat entrées, wild game dishes and a remarkable variety of sausages. Our travelers discover and come to love a diverse array of whole-grain breads, savory soups, delectable appetizers, fresh salads and fabulous desserts, plus recipes featuring wild mushrooms and local berries. The recipes have been passed down through the generations and are as dear to each family as the stories and sense of identity that the food represents.”

Top photo: Traditional Polish dishes and spirits
Photo by Poland Culinary Vacations


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