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Trip Planner for Group Leaders

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posted June 3, 2019

Reach 20,000 group leaders and NTA tour operators in this August publication. These qualified travel planners are actively organizing tours for alumni, FIT, senior, bank travel and religious groups. Trip Planner provides group travel product ideas and tips—organized by experiences—and includes popular features and details about specific cities.

2018–19 Trip Planner for Group Leaders

View the 2018–19 Trip Planner for Group Leaders here.

Cities: Billings (Montana), Burlington (Vermont), Chicago, Gettysburg, Grand Rapids (Michigan), Lafayette (Louisiana), Las Vegas, New York City, Ocean City (Maryland), Oklahoma City, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Spokane (Washington). St. Simons Island (Georgia), Washington, D.C.

Experiences: Historical Attractions, Museums, Sightseeing, Casinos, Theaters and Performance

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Top photo by Ashley Fish