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American Music Theatre

Student options at the American Music Theatre

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postedMay 1, 2019

The American Music Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers backstage programs and onstage performance experiences designed specifically for student groups.

“American Music Theatre is a great place for an immersive, interactive experience in the arts. Since all of our shows are completely written, designed and built in-house, we show students exactly how a production goes from an exciting idea to a full-sized live spectacle seen and enjoyed by thousands,” says Business Development Manager Alyssa Keshel.


This experience works well as an introductory workshop for general education and performance classes, as well as for students who are just beginning to explore theater. Participants are led by the professional production team, and they see technical demonstrations and are part of engaging Q&A sessions with the theater’s cast of singers and dancers.

Music performance

This experience expands on the general backstage sessions by focusing more on what it takes to become a professional musician. It provides students with opportunities to interact with members of the theater’s acclaimed, globetrotting orchestra.

“We also love being creative with our workshop programs, so we are always happy to customize an experience around the interests of your students,” Keshel says.

American Music Theatre also offers performance opportunities, open to bands and choirs of all sizes, who can perform for a half hour for the theater’s patrons prior to a show.

“Live theater is exciting and dynamic, so we strive to bring that same energy to our student experiences and make them educational and fun. They’re designed with both students and educators in mind,” Keshel says.

“Being able to go backstage, behind the scenes and meet with the actors is an amazing opportunity that really showcases all of the possibilities the arts have to offer. We love being able to open up the world of live theater to inspire and entertain students.”

Pricing for the student experiences and performance options include tickets for one of the theater’s original shows.

“With resources for educators prior to the trip, flexible policies and plenty of opportunities for customization, we welcome student groups of all ages to our theater,” Keshel says.

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