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Four fresh fundraising ideas for your student trip

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posted May 7, 2019

A tour operator can provide a great itinerary, and your students can help recruit more participants, but if you want to reduce the cost of the trip, you’ll need to consider options for fundraising. Here are four resources and four ideas to help you.

One bonus tip: Start now.


Four fresh ideas

Serve up local support

Many restaurants will agree to share the proceeds from sales on a specific day. They’re happy to get the publicity and extra traffic … and you’re happy to get a check!

Promote a premier event

Through, your school or organization can share in the box office revenue of a Hollywood movie’s opening weekend.

Partner with media outlets

Alert local newspapers and radio and television stations about your trip and offer to write articles and post photos while you’re traveling. In addition to increasing visibility, the media coverage also expands your potential donor base.

Hold a talent show or benefit concert

Bring together a group of students and local performers for a night of entertainment. It can be set up like a TV singing competition or like an old-school talent show. And if it’s to benefit a band or choir trip, make sure they are featured performers.


Additional web resources

This Pinterest page is loaded with ideas for raising money for your trip. (Don’t miss “9 odd fundraising ideas.”)

This website includes a number of categories such as high-profit discount cards, candy/snack sales and fundraisers with no up-front costs.,

Putting your organization’s donated items up on these or similar online auction sites can broaden your reach beyond your local community.,

The crowdfunding concept works for student travel, too, and sites such as these two allow for fundraising either for the whole group or for individuals.

This listing does not constitute endorsement by the National Tour Association of these websites.

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