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San Miguel de Allende Mexico travel

A deep dive tour of Mexico's colonial cities

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posted April 8, 2019

The knowledgeable staff at A Closer Looks Tours has recently jazzed up its popular Mexico's Colonial Cities Tour, adding even more unique experiences for groups who book with the Arizona-based operator.

“The itinerary has such strong contributions from the ancient and modern civilizations of Mexico. It offers a rich spectrum of views into the eras that have existed and played a part in creating such a captivating destination,” says Operations Coordinator Rhianna Newhall. “The extra days we have added on to this trip have relaxed the pace of the tour to allow for more time in unique areas that people really love, such as Guanajuato, Taxco and Mexico City.”

Groups can journey through these—as well as other—of Mexico's colonial cities and learn why the country is not only known for the strong folklore in its culture, but also for its citizens’ hospitality.

“The beauty of the history and the soul of its people has helped Mexico reach its current spot as the sixth-most-visited country in the world. All of our passengers depart with an expectation and return with a great love of Mexico from the deep and colorful journeys we provide,” Newhall says.

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Top photo: San Miguel de Allende
Photo by A Closer Look Tours


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