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Dance performance at Harlem’s Apollo Theater

100 years of Harlem heritage

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posted February 2, 2019

The New York City neighborhood of Harlem—only 10 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Times Square—is known for its creative energy and vibe. Beyond the famous Apollo Theater, Harlem is full of surprises, including turn-of-century architecture, scenic parks and public gardens, unobstructed views of the Hudson River—even the home of Alexander Hamilton.

The neighborhood was the central point of African-American culture, art and jazz during the Harlem Renaissance, from 1918 through the early ’30s. That rich history is being commemorated through a series of special events for the Harlem Renaissance centennial.

“The two-year celebration of the Harlem Renaissance centennial in 2020 will include programming in museums and galleries, along with dance and music in venues throughout Harlem,” says Yuien Chin, executive director of Harlem One Stop, an NTA member since 2015. “We want to bring that history forward, highlighting its impact today, and we invite the world to join us in celebration.”

Visitors can experience different aspects of Harlem Renaissance 100 through hands-on workshops and tours. A wide-ranging group of gallery exhibitions, musical and theatrical performances, lectures, guest speakers and cultural activities also are being offered throughout the Harlem Renaissance centennial.

NTA member Welcome to Harlem is another good resource for travelers. The company specializes in walking tours that cover many local historical landmarks and help visitors learn more about the area's rich culture.

To learn more, contact Harlem One Stop’s Yuien Chin or visit For more on Welcome to Harlem, reach out to Carolyn Johnson or go to

Top photo: Dance performance at Harlem’s Apollo Theater
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