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Folklorama dance

Folklorama at 50

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postedJanuary 23, 2019

One of Canada’s most well-known events, Folklorama, is turning 50 this year. This popular festival, held in Winnipeg for two weeks each August (2019 dates are Aug. 4–17), showcases the multiethnic heritage of the dozens of cultural groups that call Manitoba’s capital region home.

During the event’s August run, more than 30 international cultures are represented in the various pavilions that are located across the city. Folklorama's featured pavilions offer live music and dance performances—as well as traditional food and drink—three times per night.

According to Folklorama’s Group Tour Manager Hart Jacob, most groups opt for the VIP program, which includes visits to three of the pavilions over the course of an evening. Jacob works with tour operators to select a diverse set of pavilions to ensure that groups get a well-rounded experience.

The VIP package includes pick-up/drop-off at hotels, transportation to each pavilion, skip-the-line passes and reserved seating with food service. Add-ons including late-night and behind-the-scenes components also are available.

And groups that aren’t able to make it in August can enjoy some of the signature elements of Folklorama year-round. Jacob regularly works with the cultural organizations to provide live performances and meals for leisure travelers, conventions and corporate groups visiting in other months.

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