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The town of Haro in Spain’s Rioja wine region

The long and wine-ding road

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posted December 16, 2018

Across Spain, DMC & Leisure Travel is a new NTA member that specializes in group and FIT packages in its namesake country. The company, which was founded in 2004, also includes neighboring Portugal and Morocco on its itineraries.

Thanks to a nearly endless stream of innovative chefs and heightened interest in its renowned wine scene, Spain has experienced a culinary renaissance over the past couple of decades. Across Spain’s Marta Rios says that reality has resulted in an increased focus on wine-themed tours.

“American travelers are already great connoisseurs of Spanish culture and traditions,” says Rios, “and our great diversity of climates and soils make Spain a popular destination for wine lovers and culinary enthusiasts.”

While many people were familiar with the country’s main wine regions—led by Rioja and Jerez—another eight to 10 areas have cropped up, due in part to new cultivation and processing techniques. And that expanded number of viticultural hot spots means travelers can take tours and do some wine tasting in most every corner of Spain.

“Many wineries offer interesting tours to enhance the knowledge of visitors,” says Rios. “It depends on how deep a group is ready to dive in to the wine experience, as tours can offer a standard view or a serious, in-depth tackling of soils, grapes varieties, and food and wine pairings. These take place in our 12-15 wine regions like Catalonia, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Madrid, Jerez, etc.”

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Top photo: The town of Haro in Spain’s Rioja wine region
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