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Cayman turtle farm

CayTours offers more-than-OK tours

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posted December 1, 2018

“The Cayman Islands are the envy of all the Caribbean,” says Victor Johnson, managing director of CayTours. “We have the sun, sea and sand, and the Cayman people are very friendly. They extend their hospitality to everyone that comes to our shores.”

The company, which was founded five years ago, showcases many aspects of island life and culture throughout its itineraries. Johnson touts a full island tour—covering attractions such as the Cayman Turtle Centre, Pedro Castle, the observation tower and the local craft market—as a good option for first-time visitors.

“During the tour, our guests will see the world famous turtle center, which was founded in 1968 and does vital education and research regarding the conservation and protection of the species,” he says. “Pedro Castle is a refurbished plantation home built in 1780, and it boasts a multimedia theater presentation that explains the history of the islands and the house itself. It is the birthplace of our democracy and a national historical site.”

One of the tallest structures on the islands, the 75-foot tower at Camana Bay provides sweeping views of Seven Mile Beach, the North Sound and George Town. Those three areas are all popular spots where visitors and locals gather and mingle.

Johnson recommends two other, ahem, hot spots: the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory and Hell. At Tortuga, travelers get to see how the company’s signature cakes and rums are made, as well as enjoying samples of both.

“Hell is situated in the West Bay district and has a rock formation that, to the best of my knowledge, is not seen anywhere else,” says Johnson.

“Legend has it that during the early 19th century two Englishmen were there hunting birds. One of them was shooting and missing, and kept shouting ‘Oh, hell!’ Since that time, it has been named Hell.”

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Top photo: Cayman Turtle Centre
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