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5 uniquely Saskatchewan experiences

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posted November 3, 2018

How do you tackle the large land masses that stretch hundreds of miles from the U.S. border in the south to pristine and wild areas of the Canadian north? In small portions, right? When it comes to Saskatchewan, here are five bites that the province offers to travelers:

1. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre  Since 1885, all Mounties have been trained in Regina. Guests can hop in the saddle of the virtual reality ride or enjoy a guided tour by tram. On Tuesday evenings in the summer, visitors delight in the pomp and pageantry of the Sunset-Retreat Ceremony, which features cadets dressed in the famous Red Serge.

2. The Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan  Opening this fall in Saskatoon as the most visionary new art museum in North America, the Remai will feature award-winning architecture and the world’s most comprehensive collection of Picasso linocuts, with 23 ceramic works from the Spanish master.

3. Little Manitou Lake  The lake’s briny waters, with natural therapeutic properties, are unique to the western hemisphere. Nearby is Danceland—a circa 1928 dance hall famous for its maple dance floor built over a cushion of horse hair—which serves up buffet dinners and old-time dance parties.

4. Wanuskewin Heritage Park  Located just north of Saskatoon, the site has been a gathering site for Northern Plains Indians for more than 6,000 years. The park offers interpretation, dance performances, galleries and a restaurant, and groups can customize their visit with an elder greeting or a dreamcatcher workshop.

5. Lajord Hutterite Colony  The Hutterites are an ethno-religious group who live and farm communally. Visitors learn about the life, spirituality and culture of the colony, located 30 minutes from Regina.

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Top photo: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre
Photo by Tourism Saskatchewan