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Yukon Northern Lights

5 reasons to yearn for Yukon

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posted February 8, 2018

How do you tackle the large land masses that stretch hundreds of miles across the pristine and wild regions of Canada's true north? In small portions, right? When it comes to the Yukon, here are five bites that the province offers to travelers:

1. Easy access to wilderness  Yukon Territory is well-known for vast and spectacular wilderness, but most people don’t understand just how easy it is to experience. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking scenery as part of outings that range from half-day hikes and long backcountry expeditions to roadside pullovers.

2. Midnight sun and northern lights  The Yukon sky is always alive. The midnight sun overpowers nighttime from late May to early August, and the magic of the northern lights delights visitors from around the world from mid-August to April.

3. Road trip nirvana  With more than 3,000 miles of well-maintained roadways with light traffic loads, the Yukon invites travelers to explore its wide open spaces in the comfort of their own vehicle—or in a rented RV.

4. Klondike Gold Rush  The 1898 event put the Yukon on the world map, and groups can relive the travel routes, history and experiences of those daring Stampeders while enjoying all the creature comforts of modern amenities.

5. First Nations culture  The Yukon is home to 14 First Nations tribes, each with a unique culture, history and story to share. Guests learn more at cultural interpretive centers and festivals that celebrate these rich traditions.

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Top photo by Tourism Yukon