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Visit Baton Rouge skyline

Visit Baton Rouge - Louisiana's Capital City

postedFebruary 7, 2024

In Baton Rouge, we do everything with an extra bit of Louisiana flair—after all, what else would you expect from Louisiana’s capital city? From the incredible food to the wonderful people and places with a culture all their own, Baton Rouge is a city just waiting to be explored.

Where to Stay

Baton Rouge offers a variety of incredible and affordable accommodations to fit every kind of traveler. From quiet bed and breakfasts to stunning boutique hotels, there’s a wealth of options and opportunities for you to find the perfect place to stay.

What to Do

Louisiana’s capital has a rich history and unique culture that comes from its storied past as one of the most influential cities in the history of our state. From the "Castle on the River" to the swamp within the city, there are dozens of exciting attractions to fill your days when you visit Baton Rouge. 

What to Eat

Food is an important part of Louisiana culture, so don’t leave the city without exploring some of Baton Rouge’s very best. With influences from all four corners of Louisiana coming together in the capital city, the food you’ll experience when you come to Baton Rouge is unlike any other. It’s a gumbo of cuisines and cultures that set the table for a culinary adventure that’s sure to please the palate.

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