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Review: The iPhone Photography Book

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postedMay 4, 2021

For the millions of us who have a seriously sophisticated camera that’s masquerading as an iPhone, we owe it to ourselves (and whoever we share our pics with) to up our photog game. I will get you started by sharing the title of a solid resource: The iPhone Photography Book, by Scott Kelby. 

iPhone book
The iPhone Photography Book, by Scott Kelby. 

Several factors work together to make this book useful and enjoyable. Each of the 200-plus tips is on a single page, each is easy for us amateurs to understand, and each is accompanied by a helpful image. This is a book I consumed in small bites, and I’m keeping handy for quick reference.

The iPhone Photography Book has sections that include camera basics, composing, posing people, travel and landscapes, and editing. It also covers apps and accessories that can enhance your photography even more, although I haven’t yet graduated to that phase. 



Some of the tips are a little tricky, but here’s an excerpt that describes a very simple step that I started using immediately after I read it:

Super-Quick Lighting Fix

Getting your tone right—where your photo isn’t too dark or too bright—is a big thing when it comes to getting great photos with your iPhone, and it’s actually really easy to do (once you know the secret). After you tap once on the screen (right on what you want to be in focus), you can make the image brighter by holding your finger on the screen and dragging it up to make it brighter, or it down to make it darker. This makes a bigger difference than you’d think.

Whatever your current skill level is for taking iPhone pics, I’m certain you can improve your photos (and your social media cred) with the tips in the book. And Kelby’s humor makes the technology even more reader-friendly.

The book is $29.95, available at,, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and “wherever books are sold.”

Top photo courtesy of Scott Kelby