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Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima

3 unique European faith destinations

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postedNovember 20, 2020

Any trip to Europe is likely to include a visit to a religious shrine, pilgrimage site, or thousand-year-old church—or all three. While travelers may gravitate toward Italy, Germany, and France to check out such places, destinations like Portugal, Croatia, and Scotland are also home to a noteworthy group of faith-based attractions.

Croatia's Visovac Monastery
Croatia’s Visovac Monastery (Photo ©Dario Bajurin/Adobe Stock)

Top religious sites in Croatia

Croatia is a destination that boasts a number of spiritual sites that highlight the European nation’s religious history and traditions. Some of the top places are UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik and the Episcopal Basilica in Porec as well as centuries-old Marian sites near Zagreb and Rijeka.

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Stations of the Cross at Santuário de Fátima‎
Sanctuary of Fátima‎ (Photo from CC Wikimedia Commons/Dr. János Korom:

Finding faith in Fátima

One of the main pilgrimage sites in Europe is Fátima, a Portuguese city that gained acclaim in 1917 when three peasant children from a nearby village saw a vision of a woman dressed in white who, during six apparitions, identified herself as the “Lady of the Rosary.” Tours include sites directly related to the Fátima story, as well as other cultural and historical places of interest in the area.

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Scotland's Iona Abbey
Scotland’s Iona Abbey (Photo by CC Flickr/Roy Lathwell:

Faith journeys in Scotland

In addition to historical sites such as the famous Edinburgh Castle, natural beauty, and some of the finest museums in the world, Scotland offers memorable faith-related tours and pilgrimages that highlight the Christian history of the country.

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Top photo: Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima
Photo by CC Flickr/Pedro Antunes: