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Vatican Museums

Travel pros share impactful experiences

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postedOctober 27, 2020

The Faith Travel Association polled members of its advisory group to get their reflections on meaningful faith-travel experiences they’ve had over the years. Here are their responses:

Susan Barbanel
Travel Insured International

“I remember being in the Vatican and Vatican Museums in the ’90s and marveling at the immense beauty. I was so excited to be able to share that experience with my kids last year to open their eyes to different cultures, religions, and history.”

Henrique Abreu
Gemm Travel

“I went to the Middle East a long time ago as a curious Christian faith traveler. Trip after trip, I learned more about how the Christian communities live, struggle, and manage to maintain their faith and presence in this region. Their resilience and desire to give the world a living testimony of their faith had a profound impact on how I would eventually get involved, not only in working, living, and promoting pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Today that mission has become not only part of my soul, but my personal and professional mission in life.”

Peter Craddick
Globetrotters Travel & Tours

“For me, the experience of visiting Lourdes in France would be the one. Although I have often had my own personal doubts about religion, traveling with an American group to Lourdes and to Fatima in Portugal was really moving, especially watching and participating in the procession of the sick.

There was just an incredible feeling that what was happening was making a difference. Some of the stories I heard afterwards about people having gotten better, or their conditions having improved, definitely makes me believe that there is value in joint prayer and devotion.”

Deon Kitching
Embrace South Africa Tours

“I was born and bred in South Africa. Although I did several mission trips inside South Africa, the one that had the biggest impact on my life was a trip to the Missions Hospital and Theological School in Nkhoma, near Lilongwe in Malawi. The friendliness of the people is overwhelming. Despite their very poor living conditions, I was fascinated by their enthusiasm and passion about their faith. Malawi is a beautiful country, and it feels as if nature and people live in such a peaceful harmony. We visited South African students who worked at the Missions Hospital, and I was amazed by the advanced medical skills of the local people, most of them with very few years of formal school training.”

Top Photo: Vatican Museums
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