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Waterfall on Hokkaido

Japan's unexpected beauty

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postedSeptember 23, 2020
Because of its vibrant big cities and ultra-modern culture, Japan is a country whose natural beauty is often overlooked. Travelers seeking the latter can immerse themselves in pristine national parks, high-altitude lakes, and jagged mountain peaks thanks to Samurai Tours.

Founded by Mike Roberts, Samurai Tours offers a number of packages that focus on the great outdoors. Two he recommends are Hokkaido Rail and Drive, and Best of Japan Alps.

As part of the 15-day Hokkaido Rail and Drive package, travelers head to Japan’s northernmost major island, Hokkaido. This natural wonderland is known for its mountain ranges, virgin forests, volcanoes, and deep caldera lakes.

“Among the Japanese, Hokkaido has become synonymous with sensational food, stunning scenery, and some of the country’s best mineral hot springs,” says Roberts.

The two-week Alps tour features the country’s mountainous central section. A number of nature-based experiences await as travelers head into the quaint villages and remote valleys that dot the inland region.

“There are many reasons travel in Japan is special,” says Roberts, “but the one thing our tour members always comment on is the service and hospitality (omotenashi in Japanese). Once you experience omotenashi, you will be spoiled.”

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Top photo: Waterfall on Hokkaido
Photo by Samurai Tours