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Maverick Aviation Group

Ready to fly

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posted May 12, 2020

The view from above will be beautiful—again. As soon as states lift COVID restrictions, Maverick Helicopters will lift off with sightseeing flights of the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and the Hawaiian Islands.

“We are excited and ready to get back to flying at all of our locations,” says Dan Flores, vice president of Maverick Aviation Group. “And I’m happy to share the precautions and procedures that we are putting in place for the safety of customers and employees at Maverick”

Those procedures, outlined here, include temperature checks, minimized contact points, and thorough and frequent sanitization of flight terminals, helicopters, and equipment. You can hear all the details from Maverick pilots in this video:

“We’ve developed new options for private flights, and we stand ready to respond to changing conditions and requirements,” Flores says. “Mostly, we’re just ready to start flying again.”

For more information email Flores or visit

Top photo: Maverick Aviation Group's Grand Canyon flightseeing tour
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