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Student program at the Massie Heritage Center

15 scenes for students

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postedApril 3, 2020
While the 2020 prime spring travel season for school groups didn’t materialize, it’s not too early to start dreaming about (and even planning) future trips. Where will you go? What will you do?

Those are key questions, and Courier is here to help you answer them.

Here, you will see information on 15 destinations around the world—from Chicago and Niagara Falls to San Diego and San Juan—that offer special experiences for students. Your travelers can check out places such as Québec City and Jamestown/Williamsburg, Virginia, where early European explorers settled, or discover the ties that Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, and Lillehammer, Norway, have to the Olympic Games.

Adler Planetarium
Adler Planetarium (Photo by Adler Planetarium) 


Chicago is a city that knows a thing or two about welcoming school groups. With a varied and extensive list of world-class attractions, the destination on the western shores of Lake Michigan is a major draw for education-based touring. Read more here.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Photo by Mark Bealer Photography)


“In Cincinnati, we invite students to experience our city in a way that’s engaging and entertaining,” says Jenell Walton, vice president of communications and strategic development for the Cincinnati USA CVB. “And it’s more than the free activities and museums, the professional sport teams, and the world-class arts and culture scene." Read more here.

USAFA Planetarium group
USAFA Planetarium group (Photo by U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium)

Colorado Springs

There is a lot of excitement in Colorado Springs these days as the June debut of the new U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum draws closer. The new facility marks another chapter in the city’s partnership with the U.S. Olympic movement, as many sports have headquarters in the city, and thousands of athletes train throughout the area. Read more here.

Interactive program at Jamestown Settlement
Interactive program at Jamestown Settlement (Photo by Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation)


One of the most history-rich places in the United States is the Williamsburg-Jamestown-Yorktown area in southeastern Virginia. This famous corridor traces its roots back to 1607, when Jamestown became the first permanent English settlement in America. Read more here.

Historical building at Maihaugen
Historical building at Maihaugen (Photo by Pat Henderson)


Located in the mountains of southern Norway beside Lake Mjøsa, Lillehammer oozes with charm. The city of 27,000 is a hub for outdoor adventure and is home to a varied list of attractions, including Maihaugen and the Norwegian Olympic Museum, and a major university. Read more here.

Gallery at the Historic New Orleans Collection
Gallery at the Historic New Orleans Collection (Photo by J. Stephen Young)

New Orleans

The rich music, food, art, and historical traditions in New Orleans help the city offer a blend of cultural experiences for students from around the world. When they head to the multi-ethnic Louisiana destination, many attractions await. Read more here.

Zip lining at WildPlay Niagara Falls
Zip lining at WildPlay Niagara Falls (Photo by WildPlay’s Zipline to the Falls)

Niagara Falls

Located in the waters between Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. Its millions of gallons of water that flow downward each minute are the main draw for the students who head to its namesake city in Ontario for exploration. Read more here.

RISD Museum
RISD Museum (Photo by RISD Museum, Providence, RI)


“Being a college town itself, Providence is a great destination for students to experience,” says Christina Robbio, director of communications for the Providence Warwick CVB. “The abundance of history, culture, food, and art make Providence a fun and educational place to visit.” Read more here.

Walking tour of Old Québec
Walking tour of Old Québec (Photo by Ville de Québec)

Québec City

Located on the St. Lawrence River, Québec City is a destination that teems with history for school groups to discover. Read more here.

Performance group at St. Peter Square
Student performance group at St. Peter’s Square (Photo by Target Travel)


“Rome is one of the few cities in the world where you see, touch, and feel the past; just walking in or through its famous archaeological sites is amazing,” says Daniele Panzarin, CEO of Target Travel, a company specializing in student performance tours. Read more here.

Bobsled experience at Utah Olympic Park
Bobsled experience at Utah Olympic Park (Photo by Utah Olympic Park)

Salt Lake City

Flying into Salt Lake City, it is impossible not to notice the beauty of the surrounding mountains. School groups can get two very different perspectives on how the landscape has impacted the area when they visit the Natural History Museum of Utah and Utah Olympic Park. Read more here.

California Tower at the Museum of Man
California Tower at the Museum of Man (Photo by

San Diego

Located on the sunny shores of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego was the first California city visited by Europeans. The coastal destination has a lot going on these days, with new museum renovations and openings. Read more here.

Vámonos Tours’ group at San Juan National Historic Site
Vámonos Tours’ group at San Juan National Historic Site (Photo by Vámonos Tours)

San Juan

During a visit to Puerto Rico last year, Courier's Pat Henderson got to explore the island with Vámonos Tours. The student tour operator focuses on San Juan and other areas of the island on its STEM-based itineraries. Read more here.

Student program at the Massie Heritage Center
Student program at the Massie Heritage Center (Photo by Visit Savannah)


With its moss-draped trees, quaint public squares, and colorful heritage, Savannah is a destination that has a lot to offer. The city on Georgia’s southeastern coast is home to two historical attractions that harken back to the mid-19th century: the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters Museum and the Massie School. Read more here.

Planet Word
Planet Word (Photo by Planet Word)

Washington, D.C. 

Despite the fact that Washington, D.C., has a number of iconic attractions, its museum scene is always changing and expanding. Read more here.

Top photo: Student program at the Massie Heritage Center in Savannah, Georgia
Photo by Visit Savannah