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Maihuagen re-enactor

Lillehammer for student group

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postedApril 1, 2020

Located in the mountains of southern Norway beside Lake Mjøsa, Lillehammer oozes with charm. The city of 27,000 is a hub for outdoor adventure and is home to a varied list of attractions and a major university.

Student groups can learn more about the country’s tie to the Olympic Games during a visit to the Norwegian Olympic Museum. Medals, uniforms, skiing equipment, and memorabilia from the nation’s Olympians—as well as items pertaining to the 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer and the 1952 Winter Games in Oslo—are on display throughout the attraction.

A short movie also details how Lillehammer used the 1994 games as a successful springboard to economic and community redevelopment, which is still paying dividends today. Plus, many of the venues used during the Olympics are still in use for international competitions and as recreational spots for locals.

Another popular attraction for students is Maihaugen. This open-air museum has more than 200 period buildings that have been relocated to its grounds from across Norway.

These historical structures are organized into themed areas that include The Rural Section, featuring houses and offices from farming communities; The Town, detailing life and commerce in an early 20th century Norwegian town; and The Residential Area and its houses representing the various decades of the 1900s.

Maihaugen offers curriculum-based tours and programs, and it plays host to a number of student-centered events and performances throughout the year.

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Top Educational Attractions

Lillehammer Art Museum

Top Recreational Attractions

Hunderfossen Familiepark
Rondane National Park


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Top photo: Re-enactor presentation at Maihuagen
Photo by Veslemøy Furuseth/Maihaugen