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The crypt under Dufferin Terrace

Getting cryptic in Old Québec

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postedApril 1, 2020

Four centuries of Canadian heritage are on display at Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site in Québec City. The attraction, an iconic piece of Old Québec, includes an archaeological crypt and the remains of the city’s first château, where major decisions impacting the lives of Canadians were made.

On the Under the Terrace: A Château tour, available from mid-May to early November, travelers can learn about this fascinating part of the site. The 45-minute guided program heads below Dufferin Terrace to the structure that served as an official residence and the seat of power of governors from 1620 to 1834. Visitors hear tales of daily life at the castle and can see more than 100 artifacts found during archaeological digs across the years.

Another option at Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux is the Grand Tour package. This expanded program includes Under the Terrace, three other guided tours, and high tea in the afternoon. The additional walks highlight Artillery Park, the life of Lord Dufferin, and fortifications in Old Québec.

All tours at the historical site are available in both English and French.

To learn more, email Parks Canada’s Jennifer Burnell or go to

Top photo: The crypt under Dufferin Terrace
Photo by Parks Canada


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