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Flemish Stew

A taste of Flanders-Belgium

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posted March 2, 2020

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Beef stew cooked in beer has long been part of the culinary heritage of Flanders, and it is still one of the most popular stews. The classic local beef stew is known for its sweet-sour combination of caramelized onions and beer: usually a dark Belgian-style ale.

The recipe has varied through the ages, and every mother passes on her secrets to her children. Some like to add liver or kidneys to the beef, which gives the stew a more distinctive flavor. Others prefer a sweeter flavor and add a slice of pain d’epices (an old-fashioned bread with honey and spices), or even a slice of country bread spread with a strong mustard. These spicy and sweet flavorings have been an integral part of the Flemish palate and cuisine since the Middle Ages.

Belgium’s brewing heritage dates back many centuries and provides influence and inspiration to modern-day brewers. Beer is a part of Belgians’ DNA, and the passion of today’s wave of innovative craft brewers is redefining how the world perceives Belgian beer.

Where to try it: Whether as a home-cooked meal, at a local pub, or at a high-end restaurant, beef stew and beer can be sampled anywhere in the country.

Who to contact: Marco Frank, Tourist Office for Flanders-Belgium

Top photo by Tourist Office for Flanders-Belgium


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