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Flying Saddle Resort

Jackson’s diverse lodging options

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postedDecember 12, 2019

The rugged, picturesque environs around Jackson, Wyoming, offer an array of ways people can connect with nature. The accommodations at three properties in the area provide a good complement to the Old West and outdoorsy feel.

Flying Saddle Resort

The only full-service resort on the banks of the Snake River, Flying Saddle has been welcoming guests since 1949. When they stay at the property, which is located 45 minutes southeast of Jackson in Alpine, travelers can choose between tower rooms, cabins, and traditional hotel rooms. The resort’s restaurant serves up hand-cut Black Angus steaks and wild game. Contact David Miller.

Mountain Modern Motel
Mountain Modern Motel (Photo by

Mountain Modern Motel

Two of the most popular amenities at this downtown Jackson hotel are Big Hole BBQ and Beleza. The former is a restaurant specializing in ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and chicken wings, and the latter is a salon offering massages and other spa treatments. The property has 135 modern rooms with open floor plans and plenty of storage for outdoor gear. Contact Spencer Long.

Town Square Inns of Jackson Hole
Town Square Inns' Cowboy Village Resort (Photo by

Town Square Inns of Jackson Hole

Town Square Inns manages four hotels in the heart of Jackson that have more than 400 rooms. Travelers can choose between the Cowboy Village Resort, which features log cabins; the Elk Country Inn, with its spacious suites and rooms; the Antler Inn, which is just a block off Jackson Square; and the recently remodeled 49er Inn and Suites. Contact Steve Meadows.

Top photo: Flying Saddle Resort
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