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Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church

Faith journeys in Egypt

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posted November 3, 2019

For many, the mention of Egypt immediately suggests images of the Sphinx and the famous pyramids. In addition to offering these iconic sites, Egypt is a country rich in faith destinations for the three Abrahamic faiths—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—since members of these faiths lived peacefully together in Egypt for many years.

Egyptian Educational Travel offers several faith-based tours that can be combined with the country’s iconic historical and cultural sites. The Jewish Heritage Tour allows groups to examine the history of the Jewish population in Egypt, visit synagogues, and interact with current-day Jewish citizens.

The Islamic Art and Culture Tour includes visits to grand mosques, ancient palaces, stunning gardens, and medieval homes of the Muslim population of Egypt, once 70,000 strong. Groups can meet with local Muslim imams and attend a Muslim Moulid festival.

Several Christian tours are available as well. The Holy Family Tour follows the footsteps of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus when they fled Bethlehem and came into Egypt, while the Catholic Tour combines the Holy Family Tour with visits to Catholic shrines and churches. The Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery tour includes historical Biblical sites and a visit to one of the oldest, continually operated monasteries in the world, built in the 6th century and now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Says owner Romani Gaballa, “At Egyptian Educational Travel we understand the importance of Egypt’s faith destinations, many of them offering one-of-a-kind religious experiences."

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Top photo: Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church in Cairo, Egypt
Photo by Romani Gaballa


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