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Rothy's shoes


postedNovember 2, 2019
Here’s a trio of reviews from three professionals who value fit, feel, and flair in their footwear.
Rothy's "The Point" in Big Cat
Rothy's "The Point" in Big Cat

Rothy’s! These shoes are everything you’ve heard about. I chose "The Point" in Big Cat. Not only are they super stylish, but they’re also cool and comfortable. And I’ve walked all over summertime Philadelphia and New York City in these shoes! To freshen them up, you just remove the inner sole and wash it—and the outers—and voila: You have shoes that look like new. On your feet all day? This is the shoe for you.


As someone who is seven months pregnant, I can say these shoes have been a lifesaver. They comfortably hug my feet without suffocating them. And they’re offered in a variety of styles and colors, so you don’t have to compromise style for comfort!


Rothy's shoes
Rothy's "The Point" in Big Cat, "The Flat" in Black Solid, and "The Flat" in Ruby.

When summer turned to fall and I retired my sandals for the season, I was looking forward to trotting around in my ruby Rothy’s. They quickly became my go-to footwear for comfort in the office and on the road.


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Rothy's sent me a complimentary sample to review, but the opinions are all mine.