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Authentic Thai longboat on Railay Beach in Krabi

Enjoy Thailand your way

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postedOctober 1, 2019

For Jason Male, starting his own tour company was a case of a passion turning into a career.

“After relocating back to the U.S. after living in Thailand for seven years, I was becoming the de facto travel agent for everyone I knew—family, friends, colleagues, etc.—who was interested in traveling to Thailand,” he says. “A travel industry professional friend of mine suggested that I start a couture/boutique group tour company exclusively focused on luxury tours of Thailand, and I did.”

The company, Thailand Tourways, takes a unique approach to group travel. Its packages never include more than 30 people, and participants have plenty of flexibility once they arrive in Thailand.

“Thailand, if by reputation alone, can sometimes be intimidating to people traveling on their own, and our tours provide the perfect solution,” says Male. “We offer enough structure and activities to keep our groups busy and involved, but all things are optional. So if members of the group would rather sunbathe at the beach or pool … that’s great.

Traditional dancers (ram thai) in Chiang Mai
Traditional dancers in Chiang Mai (Photo by Thailand Tourways)

“But, they don’t travel all the way to Thailand to spend every day swimming in a hotel pool; they want to experience this exciting place,” he continues. “All of our activities—whether it is a Thai cooking class, a deep-sea fishing excursion, or swimming with elephants—offer them a cultural connection to Thailand.”

Another way in which the company provides a deep dive into local culture is through food. While Male says many places in the U.S. have Thai restaurants, “rarely does the food served in those restaurants have anything to do with actual Thai cuisine. We strive to help our clients learn about and try authentic dishes, from street food to traditional Thai dishes to modern Thai fusion cuisine.”

For more information, reach out to Male or go to

Top photo: AuthenticThai longboat on Railay Beach in Krabi
Photo by Thailand Tourways