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Oneisall Floating Waterproof Case

Oneisall Floating Waterproof Case

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postedAugust 3, 2019

What I love about this phone case is that you really can take it anywhere. While I wouldn’t recommend submerging any electronic device, you can dunk it—and I have!—but your phone stays dry.

I initially ordered this case to take kayaking, and it proved to be a great asset for shooting snapshots of Lake Powell. Now that it’s summer, I’ve been using it more and more. I’ve packed it to the pool so that I can keep my phone out of my bag or close to me when I’m in the water. I’ve also toted it to the lake and attached it to my raft while I swim around. It floats! I’m able to conveniently play music and take photos and video while I’m in the water. 

And it’s so necessary at the beach. No more sand in the cracks of your phone that you can never get out! After trying it out around friends and family, we ordered four more cases for upcoming trips this summer.

Oneisall Floating Waterproof Case
$9.99 for a two pack
(available on

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