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Aquarium of the Bay

15 hotspots for student groups

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postedJuly 17, 2019

Student travelers have a world of world-class destinations to explore, from Fort Worth to Toronto, when they head out on school trips. They can connect with local culture as they take part in behind-the-scenes tours, interactive workshops, special programs at museums, outdoor adventures and more.

Athens, Greece
College group in Athens (Photo by TOURGREECE)


As they tour Athens and its countryside, students will see ancient temples and monuments along with magnificent landscapes and coastlines that showcase Greece’s rich traditions. Read more here.

Cave and Basin National Site
Cave and Basin National Historical Site (Photo by Paul Ziska)

Banff-Lake Louise

History, wildlife, nature, and geology ... Banff has it all. Two popular options are Cave and Basin National Historical Site and the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola. Read more here.

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston's Symphony Hall (Photo by Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau)


Beyond its historical attractions, Boston has an incredible performing arts and theater scene. Students can discover aspects of the city’s artsy side during visits to many local theaters. Read more here.

Aerodium in Branson
Skydiving simulation at Fritz's Adventure and Aerodium (Photo by Branson CVB)


Students can experience Branson's live music scene and have some fun at Fritz’s Adventure and Aerodium, which includes a flying adventure, a four-story ropes course, underground tunnels, and more. Read more here.

Second City Chicago
The Second City (Photo by


Chicago is a city whose performing arts venues cover a lot of bases. Two organizations that excel at creating memorable experiences—and offering tickets to shows—are Broadway in Chicago and The Second City. Read more here.

Greenfield Village
Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford (Photo by The Henry Ford)


Students can learn more about the automotive history of the aptly name Motor City, as well as about it being the birthplace of the Motown sound. Read more here.

Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde National Park (Photo by Pat Henderson)


Mesa Verde National Park is the place to go. The UNESCO World Heritage site is home to millennia-old rock formations and Pueblo cave dwellings from the 6th to 12th century. Read more here.

Fossil Rim Fort Worth
The Fort Worth Zoo (Photo by Visit Fort Worth)

Fort Worth

Different aspects of local culture can be explored at the Fort Worth Zoo, the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, and the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Read more here.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park (Photo by Canyon Field School)

Grand Canyon

One of the world's most iconic natural wonders, Grand Canyon National Park is a treasure trove for environmental educational programs, many of which are offered by the Canyon Field School. Read more here.

Kayaking on the Thames in London
Kayaking on the Thames (Photo by VisitBritain/Mollie Bylett)


London is home to bucket-list spots including Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament and Tower Bridge. Groups can get active through offerings such as kayking tours on the Thames. Read more here.

Turnstile food tour
Neighborhood food tour in New York City (Photo by

New York City

Food on Foot Tours and Turnstile Tours take groups on multi-ethnic, multi-neighborhood excursions that allow students to experience different cultures and sample a variety of local food. Read more here.

Butterfly Garden and Strong Museum of Play
The Strong Museum of Play's butterfly garden (Photo by Visit Rochester)


The Strong National Museum of Play is home to a seemingly endless collection of toys, dolls, comic books, vintage pinball machines and video games, as well as an on-site butterfly garden. Read more here.

San Francisco Asian Art Museum
Village Artist Corner at the Asian Art Museum (Photo by the Asian Art Museum)

San Francisco

San Francisco's Asian Art Museum features engaging exhibits and programs. It also offers special events and interactive workshops where students can meet artists and see them at work. Read more here.

Agakhan Museum
Interactive workshop at the Aga Khan Museum (Photo by


School groups can discover cross-cultural connections through hands-on programs at the Aga Khan Museum and enjoy sky-high adventures at the CN Tower. Read more here.

International Spy Museum Bond Car
James Bond car at the International Spy Museum (Photo by Dominique Muñoz/International Spy Museum)

Washington, D.C.

At the International Spy Museum, students can become forensic scientists during "Operation Spy,” “Cuban Missile Crisis,” “Spy Science: Operation STEM” and “Forensics" workshops. Read more here.

Top photo: San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay
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