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Oyster tasting tour

Farm-to-table picks in Virginia Beach

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postedFebruary 19, 2019

Virginia is for oyster lovers, says Jim Coggin with the Virginia Beach CVB.

“Visitors can experience an oyster tasting at Rockafellers, a locally owned favorite for groups. They can learn the history of the famous Lynnhaven Oyster,” he says.

That particular oyster is a local legend. The story goes that Captain John Smith described the bounty of the oysters “as thick as stones” when he visited the area before establishing Jamestown in 1607. Culinary journeyers can also satisfy their seafood cravings with an authentic Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Feast at Blue Pete’s Restaurant.

Virginia is for farm-to-table lovers, too.

“We have 126 working farms in Virginia Beach and have a great farm-to-table program. One such program is offered by New Earth Farm, an award-winning, 21-acre sustainable working and educational farm located in the Pungo area. We also have 16 pick-your-own farms.

“One of the delights is the Pungo Strawberry. It even has its own festival,” Coggin adds.

Groups can get a taste of the local craft beer scene with the Virginia Beach Beer Trail at places like Back Bay Brewing Company and Home Republic Brewpub. The 25 stops on the trail offer unique flavors as well as locations, both oceanfront and inland. The guide even indicates which ones are pet- and family-friendly and those that have onsite kitchens and food trucks.

“Virginia Beach is known for its iconic boardwalk and beautiful beaches, but it offers so much more for groups, from great culinary options, proud American history and military heritage to dolphin and whale-watching. Virginia Beach really does have it all,” Coggin says.

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Top photo: Oyster tasting tour
Photo by Virginia Beach CVB


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