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Hunderfossen Vinterpark

‘Frozen’ adventures in Norway

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posted December 6, 2018
According to Monique van Dijk-Seppola, owner of Scandinavia Tours, the winter is a wonderful time to visit Norway.

“In winter, much of Norway is usually transformed into a snow-clad paradise, and that means ideal opportunities for fun in the snowy landscape,” she says. “Skiing has a special place in Norwegian culture and history and is the main thing, but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy.”

The company found an audience for its “Frozen”-themed tours after the first movie came out, and it has packages that expand those offerings to other areas of Norway as a run-up to the November 2019 release of “Frozen 2.”

Hunderfossen Winter Park (Photo by Hunderfossen Eventyrpark)

“Scandinavia Tours offers a complete winter package in Norway inspired by the movies, and we have chosen Lillehammer as a base for our latest fairy-tale journey,” says van Dijk-Seppola.

Lillehammer, which was the site of the 17th Olympic Winter Games in 1994, offers a number of options for winter enthusiasts. One of the main sites is Hunderfossen Winter Park, where activities range from tobogganing and children’s snowmobiles to indoor adventures in the Fairytale Castle and Caprino’s Fairytale Grotto.

Another stop is Maihaugen, a place van Dijk-Seppola says is also geared for travelers of all ages.

“The whole family can enjoy a day out in Maihaugen’s safe and beautiful surroundings,” she says. “In this idyllic, traditional open-air museum, children can roam free and explore the old and new buildings. And, if conditions are right, we recommend borrowing a kicksled—the best mode of transport on a sparkling winter’s day.”

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Top photo: Hunderfossen Winter Park
Photo by Hunderfossen Eventyrpark