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Festival of Native Arts

Cashing in on Fairbanks’ thriving arts scene

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posted December 26, 2018
Fairbanks, Alaska, is filled with artists and art aficionados, and is alive with art-centric events, according to Amy Reed Geiger, director of communications with Fairbanks, Alaska–Explore Fairbanks.

“Joyfully setting the stage for a wide variety of classic and contemporary art, theater and music events and exhibitions year-round, Fairbanks shines,” she says. “Local artists are captivated by the wilderness surrounding Fairbanks and create brilliant works of nature-inspired art. Our concerts and symphonies showcase prominent performers and concertmasters. Study-performance festivals attract instructors and students from around the world. Noted authors, illustrators and composers call Fairbanks home. There just is so much going in here when it comes to the arts.”

Some of Fairbanks’ annual arts programs and events include:

Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre
With a mission to expand the audience and encourage performance of The Bard’s works, the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre provides high-quality Shakespearean and classical theater productions throughout the year. The organization also offers several summer camps for students aged 6 to 17.

Festival of Native Arts
This annual March event features art demonstrations, cultural films, traditional songs and dances and other performances by Alaskan Native peoples. What began in 1973 as a way to bring together artists and performers in a celebration of the various local cultures, has blossomed into one of the area’s most highly anticipated festivals.

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
This two-week event, held in July, encourages personal growth and art appreciation. Festival-goers can take part in the event’s more than 180 workshops and demonstrations, and see more than 100 performances in music, visual arts, dance, writing, theater, healing arts and culinary arts.

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Top photo: Festival of Native Arts
Photo by Sherman Hogue, Fairbanks, Alaska–Explore Fairbanks