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Urban gardening

Germany’s hidden gems

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postedJuly 3, 2020

With its romantic medieval villages, natural beauty, vibrant cities, and culinary heritage, Germany includes a mix of activities for first-time and 21st-time visitors.

Headquartered in the large European nation, longtime NTA-member Appina Travel can help tour operators plan a well-rounded German adventure.

“Our team comes from different areas of Germany, so we know every region inside out,” says Denise Buchanan, Appina Travel’s sales manager, North America. “This allows us to choose the most authentic restaurants, offer the best guides, and take you to the hidden spots. We always make our travelers feel like locals!”

She says one of the country’s lesser-known gems is Thuringia, a mountainous region that is home to medieval villages and museums highlighting its food: the Bratwurst Museum and Thuringian Dumpling Museum.

“You also find villages of historical importance like Weimar, a city of Bauhaus architecture and once the classical literature center of Germany, and Eisenach, where you can visit Wartburg Castle—an important place of Martin Luther’s life and the Reformation.”

Street art in Berlin
Denise Buchanan of Appina Travel checks out some Berlin street art. (Photo by Appina Travel)

Located an hour’s drive from Dresden, the Ore Mountains in Saxony offer scenic beauty and an uncrowded atmosphere. The area is famous for outstanding woodworkers, and guests can see demonstrations by the talented craftsmen who create works of art, such as the Erzgebirge Christmas pyramid. It also is home to many nature-based touring options that range from hiking to skiing.

Even in bustling Berlin, Buchanan says travelers can find a peaceful oasis or two.

“You must check out the street art and urban gardening in Berlin,” she adds. “You can discover a special kind of vegetable garden in the middle of Berlin’s ‘concrete desert’ and marvel at the view of the city. This communal garden—located at a former airfield—also is a top spot for cultural and social exchanges.”

“The Appina team is here to help, ready with lots of ideas to help you navigate the future of travel in Europe,” Buchanan says. “We are offering the same rates for 2021 as 2020 as well as an incentive to help you with marketing.”

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Top photo: The Klunkergarten urban garden in Berlin
Photo by Appina Travel


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