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ad specs

Ad Specifications

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posted June 1, 2020


Courier Spotlight e-blast

Ad Size  W x H (pixels)
E-blast  600 width

Submit JPG or HTML. Also provide a URL for clickthrough and an email subject line. If HTML, materials must be hosted and sent as a single piece and include a text-only version.


Ad Size  W x H (pixels)
Top or bottom banner  962 x 125

Submit JPG or GIF. Send URL for clickthrough.

Ad Size  W x H (pixels)
Sponsored content (lead photo)  1500 x 600
            (other photos)  1000 width
Pop-in banner  300 x 250
In-article banner  300 x 250

For sponsored content, submit up to 750 words and JPG or GIF files. For video, supply MP4 file or link.
For pop-in or in-article banner, submit JPG or GIF files and URL for clickthrough.

Online banners

Ad Size  W x H (pixels)
Desktop leaderboard  728 x 90
Desktop slide-in & mobile square  300 x 250
Mobile banner  320 x 50

Submit all three ad sizes as JPG or GIF files for maximum exposure. Send URLs for clickthrough.

Social Media

Ad Size  W x H (pixels)
Post (photo)  1200 x 1200

Submit text and JPG or GIF files. Send URL for clickthrough. For video, supply MP4 file or link.

Tuesday e-newsletter

Ad Size  W x H (pixels)
Leaderboard  610 x 75
Box  290 x 242
Product spotlight  180 x 180 + 75 words

Submit JPG or GIF. Send URL for clickthrough.

For questions please email or call +1.859.264.6559.

Please submit all files to Kendall Fletcher.
(Resolution should be @ 72 pixels/inch for all except Courier magazine and Routes of Faith.)