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Hikers in California's Mammoth Lakes area

Virtual tours to enjoy from home: Vol. 4

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postedMay 12, 2020
While the 2020 travel season currently is on hold, there is no reason to hit pause on dreaming about (and planning) future trips. Below are details on virtual tours at five destinations you should have on your list.

The National Tour Association has compiled an extensive list of virtual tours and educational resources for travel planners. You can see what's happening in popular cities, states, and provinces—and at top attractions—by checking out their digital resources.

Lafayette CVC

Lafayette is home to a number of truly authentic Cajun and Acadian experiences, including tours on open-air boats into some of Louisiana top swamps.

For more information, email the Lafayette CVC’s Kaylie LeBlanc.

Exhibit at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
Student group checking out the collection of World Series rings at the museum. (Photo by Milo Stewart Jr., National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum)

National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

The museum’s education department is offering live online events, ranging from Virtual Field Trips and Curator Spotlights to the Voices of the Game programs. Downloadable curriculum covering 15 different topics also is available.

For more information, email the attraction’s June Dolhun.

Winter at Mammoth Lakes
Winter at Mammoth Lakes (Photo by

Mammoth Lakes Tourism

The Mammoth Lakes area of California is a nature-lover’s paradise. The local tourism board has developed four 360° videos that showcase winter, spring, summer, and year-round activities available in the area.

For more information, email Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s Michael Vanderhurst.

canadian museum of history's grand hall
The Grand Hall at the Canadian Museum of History (Photo by

Canadian Museum of History

High-def, interactive videos take you through the iconic museum’s History Hall Hub, Gallery 1 (Early Canada), Gallery 2 (Colonial Canada), and Gallery 3 (Modern Canada). The Museum at Home page lists a variety of educational resources.

For more information, email the museum’s Stephanie Fortin.

Key West sunset of the ocean
Another perfect Key West sunset (Photo by CC Flickr/Zachary Turner:

Florida Keys & Key West

Ready to see what is happening in the Florida Keys, which are the epitome of a tropical paradise with white-sand beaches and breathtaking sunsets? In addition to this virtual tour, other updates are available at

For more information, email the tourism board’s Jack Meier Jr.

To see virtual tours from other destinations and attractions, click here.

Top photo: California's Mammoth Lakes area is a top spot for hiking.
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