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Boats in a Malta harbor

Marvelous Malta

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postedMarch 1, 2020

Famous for having some of the best weather in the world, the archipelago islands that compose the country of Malta lie in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea 58 miles south of Sicily. One of the smallest countries in Europe, Malta is a hidden gem in the tourism world, offering groups a unique and unforgettable experience.

As one of the oldest European civilizations—dating back to 5500 B.C.—Malta offers a journey through history that highlights the many settlers on the island, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and the British, among others. The capital city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has more than 320 monuments, 38 churches and cathedrals, and 20 museums.

Exclusively Malta, as the name implies, is a tour operator that specializes in the islands and offers a variety of tours that explore the unique mix of culture, history, and natural beauty found in the country’s 122 square miles. Whether a group wants to see historical sites around the capital city and the beautiful Baroque architecture, or simply enjoy the beaches and crystal blue water, Exclusively Malta can work out the details.

Some of the company’s most popular tours focus on culture and history, faith (including Jewish culture), food and wine, and adventure travel. Exclusively Malta can also arrange itineraries around the many Maltese festivals that occur year-round.

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Top photo: Boats in a Malta harbor
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