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20/20 vision for the new year

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postedJanuary 1, 2020
As they turned the page to 2020, the following NTA staffers shared their New Year’s resolutions—and the thinking behind them:

Abbie Dykes, project coordinator
Beth Engel, CTP, sales director
Ashley Fish, senior marketing manager
Kendall Fletcher, sales and publishing coordinator 
Pat Henderson, managing editor
Pam Inman, CTP, past president
Kami Risk, CTP, NTA Services president
Kay Saffari, CTP, FTA and Hispanic market manager

What’s your typical practice for making New Year’s resolutions?

I’m always looking to the future, so I try to set intentions and think about what I want to achieve in the new year … and it usually involves travel. —Ashley

I try to make my resolutions practical, and most years I take advice from my daughters. —Beth

Last year, my big resolution was to get my scuba diving certification so I could dive in Fiji. And this year it’s to begin my new life … with my new normal. —Pam

Rather than making resolutions when the calendar turns over to a new year, I actually look forward to the milestones. This year, I’ll celebrate my sixth wedding anniversary, my son will turn 5 years old, I’ll turn 30 for the second time … things like that. —Kendall

As I moved through my college years, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions, mainly because I never followed through with them. Now I just hope the new year brings me good health and happiness. —Abbie

I had my palm read while in Armenia in September, and the reading included a warning that I must take charge of my health in my 50s. Since I am 59, that’s my New Year’s resolution. So goodbye to all good food ... bring on the celery and water! —Kay

I try to focus on one theme each year. In 2019 I focused on gratitude, and for 2020 I’ll be focusing on mindfulness. —Kami

Any expectations in your personal life for 2020?

I hope to finish and publish my novel. It’s been my goal since I was a kid, and I think 2020 is the year I’m going to make it happen. —Kendall

I just bought a house in 2019, so I plan to do more work on that. —Ashley

I’m hoping Pearl Jam will tour North America so I can catch them again. —Pat

What about travel plans?

I’m ecstatic to be traveling to Anchorage in March—for work! —Abbie

We’re taking a winter Caribbean cruise with my best friend from college and her husband. Antics will be similar to those displayed at Indiana State in the late ’70s. —Beth

I like to practice what we preach—Project: Time Off—so my plans are set: Greece, Colorado for skiing, Ireland for golfing, a Holland tulip cruise, and scuba diving somewhere. —Pam

Mexico, to visit a friend living there. Australia, Croatia, and Iceland are also high on my bucket list.

We hope to visit family again this year in Wilmington, North Carolina, and spend some time at the beach. —Kendall

The Saffari family will be taking a trip to an international destination as soon as son Cyrus finishes law school in May. Last year we had a spectacular trip in Greece; who knows where it will be this year? Four people need to agree! —Kay

Based on recent emails with Scandinavia Tours’ Monique van Dijk-Seppola about an upcoming Fam tour, it seems Norway will be the place to be in February. —Pat

I’m looking forward to traveling to Anchorage for Contact 2020, and I’m really looking forward to my parents coming along so we can explore other parts of Alaska, too. —Kami

Any other thoughts about resolutions and the new year?

The new year is a good time to reflect upon years past and how to improve yourself and the world around you. I’m a practicing Jew, so I get to do this twice each calendar year: Yom Kippur and Jan. 1.

I like the new year because it’s a clean slate and feels like a fresh start. —Ashley

Change is in the air! —Pam

I plan to watch more TV news shows; maybe that one on ABC called “20/20.” —Pat

I think a new year is a good reminder to make time to do the things I want to do—like lunch dates with friends, reading the stack of books on my nightstand, and simple things like writing down the cute things my son says—before too much time passes and another new year comes ’round. —Kendall

Top photo by VadimVasenin/DepositPhotos