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Demonstration at the Chocolate Nation

Antwerp's must-sees

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posted January 7, 2020

“Antwerp has always been a city of innovation and cutting-edge craftsmanship,” says Marco Frank, trade manager for the Tourist Office for Flanders-Belgium. “From the Middle Ages to modern times, Antwerp has been able to re-invent itself without forgetting its past.”

Travelers can learn about some of the city’s signature products and people, including the following five, as they tour the city:

  • Antwerp is a hotbed of diamond production, and visitors can learn more about this part of the city’s heritage as they explore DIVA, a new museum highlighting the dazzling world of diamonds.
  • The Chocolate Nation attraction pays tribute to the area’s renowned confectionary throughout 14 themed rooms. The world’s largest Belgian chocolate museum offers tours, demonstrations, and workshops, and guests can sample products and have a meal at the on-site restaurant.
  • Another famous local product is Elixir d’Anvers. The uniquely flavored liqueur, which debuted in 1863, has been used as a remedy for ailments in years past and as part of recipes and cocktails crafted by modern chefs and bartenders.
  • At the Red Star Line Museum, visitors can learn about the legendary line that carried millions of passengers—ranging from Belgium’s elite to families seeking a better life—from Antwerp to eastern U.S. cities, such as Philadelphia and New York City, between 1873 and 1934.
  • No visit to Antwerp would be complete without a stop at Rubenshuis. The large Italian-style villa, which is where city native Peter-Paul Ruebens spent the last decade of his life, includes famous works and the artist’s personal effects as well as elaborate gardens.

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Top photo: Demonstration at the Chocolate Nation
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